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Find Your Future at REEF 

REEF transforms urban spaces into community hubs that create jobs and bring new goods, services and experiences to the neighborhood.

REEF is the largest operator of parking real estate and delivery restaurants in North America. By connecting the world to your block, we’re making the place you live, the place you love to be.



We Are Hiring!
- Cashiers
- Flaggers
**$15/hour pay!**

Bonus Pay Available

Free On-Site Parking

Portland Trailblazers Special Prizes & Incentives

Discounted Meals

And More...

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Stay in the Know!

Not You?

Thank you for joining the REEF Talent Network!

Upcoming Hiring Events

Wednesday, October 20th (09:00 AM  – 03:00 PM)

Thursday, October 21st (03:00 PM – 07:00 PM)

Friday, October 22nd (03:00 PM – 07:00 PM)

Interview Location

MODA Center

1 North Center Court Street, Portland, OR 97227

(Signs will be posted regarding the interview location)

Connecting the World to Your Block